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When Night Falls

« When night falls.

The shift from public to intimate.


The passing from the external to the interior world. 

Something just happened. Maybe.

Or it's about to. »

When Night Falls is an hypnotic and melancholic dive into the stillness of the Canadian suburbs.

Six-Word Stories

Supposedly invented by writer Ernest Hemingway, Six-Word Stories trigger the curiosity and imagination of the reader through their briefness and strong narrative potential.  

Same chemistry can be achieved through photography. The Six-Word Stories series was born out of that magical bond between visual and written narration.

A Roamer's Diary - 
Chapter I & II (2010-2020)

Fleeing the alienation of the big city, the roamer wanders, seeking refuge from the rage of the modern world in remote and silent places. Great emphasis is placed on mystery, contemplation and the beauty of Nature. The trace of Man however, remains. The veil of eeriness is above us.

A Roamer's Diary is a restless nocturnal wandering, a melancholic account of our time, conceived like a poetic diary, driven by beautiful dark dreams.  




Born in Paris in 1989.

Lives in Montreuil, France.


Education :

2011: Master in law (French & German), Université Paris X

2015: European Bachelor of Photography, Icart-Photo



  • 2014 / Group exhibition, Jdid collective, Souksouk La Famille 6B, Saint-Denis, France

  • 2015 / Release of the artzine Vagos Canes, Micro Marché, Bruxelles

  • 2015 / Group exhibition « Le Grand Plongeon », La Galerie, Etables-sur-Mer, France

  • 2016 / Photo LA, international photo art fair, Los Angeles

  • 2016 / Fabriqué en France, Duncan Miller Gallery à Los Angeles

  • 2016 / Six Word Stories, solo exhibition, Strada Monge & Temple, Paris

  • 2016 / Group exhibition « Le Grand Plongeon », La Source, Fontaine-les-Dijon, France

  • 2017 / Creatively Inspiring,

  • 2018 / Group Exhibition, Portes Ouvertes des ateliers d'artiste, Studio Photoluxe, Fontenay-sous-Bois

  • 2018 / One Human Model,

  • 2018 / International Photography Grant, Nominee

  • 2019 / Montmélian Photo Festival

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